Radical Attunement Work (RAW)

Relationship // Revolution // Reconnection

These unprecedented times are calling each of us to step up and radically attune to what’s happening and what’s needed. We’re called to be fierce, affectionate, responsive, and RAW. As witnesses to the anthropocene, the quality of our humanness depends on it.

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    A couple years ago a friend of mine did an internet search on the man she was dating. A horrifically traumatizing event that had happened to his family was detailed in a news article. He had yet to share this information with her. As they continued dating she had no idea how to bring it up. As a couple of months went by she wondered how she would > MORE

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    I’m sitting across from an environmental photographer. He’s been doing cause related photography for over 20 years. His photographs have been in National Geographic and the New York Times. He’s dedicated his professional life to social and environmental change. And, he says solemnly, “There’s no doubt now, the environmental movement has failed.” He talks about sharing beautiful and tragic photographs that tell environmental and social stories. Putting together > MORE

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    Playing With Myself Touching, breathing Howling, reeling In pleasure and pain Undressing myself Caressing myself Losing track of time Trusting my body Rolling on the bed Tilting back my head Playing with myself Welcome back Holly

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    April 14, 2017

    The Small Things my dog’s breath the fire’s crackle pen on paper     bees     rocks     tears all the big Things

"We have to practice something new, ask different questions, access again our curiosity about each other as a species. ”

Adrienne Maree Brown