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Thank you for your courage to grieve, to go to the edge. You’re doing the most important work you’ll ever do, work that’s needed on this planet at this time. You’re following the howl of your Soul, and it will take you exactly where you need to be. I’ll be there too — in the depths of this sorrowful and life-changing journey. We got this.

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    I’m sitting across from an environmental photographer. He’s been doing cause related photography for over 20 years. His photographs have been in National Geographic and the New York Times. He’s dedicated his professional life to social and environmental change. And, he says solemnly, “There’s no doubt now, the environmental movement has failed.” He talks about sharing beautiful and tragic photographs that tell environmental and social stories. Putting together > MORE

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    Playing With Myself Touching, breathing Howling, reeling In pleasure and pain Undressing myself Caressing myself Losing track of time Trusting my body Rolling on the bed Tilting back my head Playing with myself Welcome back Holly

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    April 14, 2017

    The Small Things my dog’s breath the fire’s crackle pen on paper     bees     rocks     tears all the big Things

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    “Is this normal?” I get asked this question frequently these days. Often this question is posed by young-adults, people ten or so years younger than me, sometimes people my age. Young people who are looking at the speed we are expected to operate in, and the violence, destruction, and loss we are experiencing on the planet. Emerging adults who realize they can’t quite keep up. Millennials who are > MORE

“Grief is our common bond. Opening to our our sorrow connects us with everyone, everywhere.”

Francis Weller