My Gratitude

There are these people (animal-people too), the touch points, who I couldn’t do this work without. Some I know personally, intimately, some I’ve met digitally, or have simply read and been changed by their work. All of these people are brave, and honest about what’s happening in this world. All of these Souls are making a difference, helping, providing ground for others to work from.

My gratitude for them is beyond words, yet I want to recognize them here. I would be a less full person without them, and this world less lovely. These people are islands of sanity in our sociopathic culture, and that’s not an easy role to hold.

So, THANK YOU Francis Weller, Carmen Spagnola, and Carolyn Baker. THANK YOU Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Pema Chodron, Derrick Jensen, Opal Tometi, and Joanna Macy. THANK YOU Sarah, Christine, Kella, Danielle, Gretchen, Elizabeth, and Brett. THANK YOU Stormy May and Ren Hurst. THANK YOU rocks, trees, horses and snakes. THANK YOU Jay, Maddy, Billy, and Bo. THANK YOU Michael, Hekate, and Hermes. You’ve shown up fully and your presence means the world to me.