Waking Up Weeping

If you spend time with emerging adults, also known as millennials, it becomes clear many are aware something is off. If we face the truth about climate change, injustice, and the destruction caused by industrial civilization, we realize: maturity for millennials involves devastating loss and massive transition. A coming to terms with a world wasted, misused, and abused. Yet, as we fully step into this, a new consciousness is rising, allowing us to use the current destruction in order to transform our work on this planet.

What is it like to grow up in these times? How do we handle waking up and realizing our adulthood will never be as promised, if it happens at all? How do we hold the collective weeping of a generation, a planet, becoming widely aware of our sorrowful present and uncertain future? How do we learn to be with this, this growing pain, this grief, our heartbreak? How do we experience collapse while stepping into a new consciousness—finding a deeper understanding for all that is?

These are the questions being asked of us. These are the necessary conversations of our times. These are the stories of emerging adults who are finding what it means to be wholly human, fully connected, on a seemingly disconnected and transitioning planet.

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