Grief Tending Supervision Group

An Ongoing Supervision & Support Group for Politicized Grief Tenders

Holding space for sorrow and change can be both beautiful and lonely, nourishing and tiring. This ongoing, small supervision group is meant to be a place of support and care for politicized grief tenders. A place we can share our hearts and medicine. A place to witness and be witnessed.

We will meet on zoom twice a month for 90 minutes. There will also be an online group space to check-in and ask for support between sessions. Most weeks, we’ll start with poetry and check-ins, then short teaching or resource sharing. We’ll then witness and heart-storm with one another about one-on-one work or events we’re facilitating. Each session one or two people will get some in-depth feedback about an event or client they’re working with.

This is an ongoing container of participation and mutual care. Each member is asked to show up regularly. As such, the minimum commitment is three months with 1-month notice before leaving.  The hope is that we have a steady group of 4-8 participants for an extended period of time. During our live sessions, you will need a stable internet connection and relatively quiet space where you can connect with yourself and others with your camera on.



Who: People who are consistently engaging in grief tending, including but not limited to therapists, social workers, community members, activists, healers, bodyworkers, group facilitators, somatic practitioners, and teachers.

What: Small, ongoing supervision group. 4-8 participants. Discounted rate + priority scheduling for 1-1 mentoring. This supervision group does not qualify for licensure hours or continuing education credit.

When: 1st + 3rd Tuesdays from 1:00 – 2:30 pm MT (Denver). Twice a month, 90 minute live sessions. Continual support through written posts/requests.

Where: Live sessions on Zoom. Mighty Network communication between sessions.

Cost: $75 – $150 USD/month

Application:; You can email me at with any questions or follow-ups.


Holly Truhlar, JD, MA, is a two-time sibling loss survivor (Ivy & Brett) and has a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. She’s most known for her work in collapse psychology and politicized grief tending. She’s apprenticed in The Sacred Work of Grief ritual training and one-on-one mentorship with Francis Weller, Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training with the Center for Loss and Life Transition, and The Art of Traumatic Grief Counseling with the MISS Foundation & Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Trust. She works as a grief therapist and group facilitator, having co-facilitated many community grief rituals. Her style is soulful, community oriented, and anti-oppression informed.