Radical Attunement Work (RAW)

We have work to do. Are you ready? Let’s be brave. Let’s be RAW:

Radical Attunement Work (RAW) subverts the dominant system, guiding us back from emotional neuropathy and overwhelm to becoming fully responsive community members and culture makers. Through the process we become deeply aware, activated, and connected humans, especially to those with less power and rank. We learn how to stop exploitative and dominating ways of being by moving into attuned–emotionally available–relationship with ourselves, others, and all of nature.

RAW includes four phases: 1) Acknowledgement as a recognition of what is happening or has happened, 2) Awareness as deep discernment discovered through tracking of information, systems, phenomenon, emotions, and our bodily sensations, 3) Activation as an outward response to our deep knowing and feeling, and 4) Ascension as an expansion of our definition of self, an interconnectedness with someone or something larger.

It’s cyclical, with each phase informing the next (though psyche dances to its own rhythm and we follow its lead within the process). Concurrently, it’s spiraling in nature, creating a wider container and freeing us to explore more–often difficult, sometimes beautiful–terrain. In this work, all four phases are essential, one cannot be wholly extracted from the others.

Radical Attunement Work is about relationship AND revolution.

It’s an individual, somatic process where we learn to care for ourselves and the beings we are in direct contact with. At the same time, it’s justice-oriented and community-centered. We learn to track the larger systems in place, both natural ecosystems and man-made constructs, such as hyper-individualism, supremacy, and imperialism.

As we track what’s happening and attune to each moment, including the grief, outrage, beauty, and love, we are compelled into right action. This is when we bring our unique medicine to the communal well-being in response to these critical times. Then, connected to what we’ve been moved by and towards, we identify as something larger–our partnerships, our community, our watershed, our planet.

We are the movement.

These unprecedented times are calling for each of us to step up and radically attune to what’s happening and what’s needed. We are called to be fierce, affectionate, responsive, and RAW. As witnesses to the anthropocene, the quality of our humanness depends on it.