My Gratitude

There are people (including animal-people) who I couldn’t do this work without. Truly, I can deeply support people and groups only because I am well supported in my own life. Many of these people I know personally, intimately, some I’ve met digitally, or have simply read and been changed by their work. All of these people are brave, honest about what’s happening in this world, creative, and deeply caring.

THANK YOU Desiree AdawayKai Cheng Thom, and Francis Weller. THANK YOU Joy Harjo, Julia Mallory, Aftab Erfan, Linda Hogan, adrienne maree brown, Pat Parker, Tanaya Winder, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Generative Somatics, and Queer Nature. THANK YOU Ivy, Brett, Mom, and Dad. THANK YOU Jay, Maddy, Billy, Bo, and Magick. THANK YOU Hekate. You’ve shown up fully and your presence means the world to me.