My Gratitude

There are people (animal-people too), touch points, who I couldn’t do this work without. Some I know personally, intimately, some I’ve met digitally, or have simply read and been changed by their work. All of these people are brave, and honest about what’s happening in this world. All of these souls are making a difference, helping, providing ground for others to work from. These people are islands of sanity in our sociopathic culture, and that’s not an easy role to hold.

THANK YOU Francis Weller, Desiree AdawayCarmen Spagnola, Rachael Rice, Dean Walker, Will Falk, and Carolyn Baker. THANK YOU brontë velez, Adrienne Maree BrownClarissa Pinkola Estes, Ayana Young, Winona LaDukeKrista Tippet, and Pema Chodron. THANK YOU Sarah, Gillian, Amirah, and Christine. THANK YOU Ivy, Brett, Mom, and Dad. THANK YOU rocks, trees, horses and snakes. THANK YOU Jay, Maddy, Billy, Bo, and Magic. THANK YOU Hekate. You’ve shown up fully and your presence means the world to me.