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I created the below questions as a resource for equity mediation work I was doing a few years ago. As I was exploring “What do transformative, rather than transactional, relationships FEEL like?” these blossomed. They are meant to help people relate with right-use-of-power and full consent. There are two sets of questions, one for people who are in a down-power position and one for people in an up-power position. Every time > MORE

I want to tell you a secret that both isn’t and shouldn’t be a secret… Facilitators, therapists, helping practitioners, and “leaders” are human beings. Mmm hmm, we eat food and breathe air just like everyone else. We have emotions and personalities, experience loss, celebrate success (however that’s defined for us), and our bodies and psyches have limitations. While the word leader often creates an individualistic hierarchy, I’m using > MORE

My interview was included in Patrick Farnsworth’s beautifully provocative book We Live in the Orbit of Beings Greater Than Us. Below is Patrick’s introduction of me & my interview from the book. ••• To further this point on the limitations human beings have in acknowledging, let alone mitigating, the ecologically destructive impacts of our ways of living and being on this planet (again, this is especially true for > MORE

May 31, 2020

When my brother, Brett, died I was ten years old. Old enough to understand something horrible had happened. Old enough to have my world turned upside down. Old enough to miss him for the rest of my life. Yet, young enough to be shielded from the practicalities of death such as arranging a funeral, contacting family and friends, and managing his estate. After my sister, Ivy, died this > MORE

We’re in troubled times (to say it simply). A pandemic has swept the globe, isolation is necessary to survive + support the most vulnerable, plus our economy is gasping for air. It’s very scary and sad. Within this pandemic, we’re all feeling personal loss. Loss of a job, a person, a way of life, the inability to gather with our friends and family for a funeral or graduation, > MORE