Group Facilitation & Consulting

With a Doctorate in Law and Masters in Counseling Psychology, I’m formally trained in group systems, deep democracy work, mediation, and conflict care. I’ve also facilitated and participated in community building, accountability processes, and organizational consulting. I’ve worked with groups small and large (700+) to facilitate deeper understanding, integrate loss and grief, and offer supportive consultation. By holding a steady container for a group or project, challenging topics can be explored, emotional capacity increased, and trust and effectiveness strengthened. All of my work with groups is relationship oriented, trauma and grief informed, and embedded with a deep systemic analysis. I facilitate meetings, workshops, small and large group processes, mediation, and consulting sessions.

My rates for group facilitation and consulting vary depending on group size, complexity, and duration. Typically, my rates range from $300/hr – $600/hr. I enjoy working with groups and organizations on an ongoing basis and offer discounts when working with a group regularly or in a deeper process. I also offer a sliding scale to groups with significantly oppressed identities or doing anti-oppression work, including prison abolition work, with limited access to financial resources. Please contact me about my rates and availability at

Mentoring & Grief Tending

I work with people experiencing grief of all types, including grief over personal loss, injustice, ecocide, ancestral trauma, and collapse. I also mentor facilitators, grief tenders, healers, coaches, and creatives who want to embed soul, ritual, and a collective liberation lens into their work. And, I’m extremely effective at collaborating and heart-storming ideas for offerings and workshops.

One hour sessions are $225/hour; 2.5 hour deep dive sessions are $450/session. I offer a sliding scale to people with significantly oppressed identities, people who were formerly incarcerated, and activists who have limited access to financial resources.

My 1-1 practice is full, you can check out my schedule or sign up for my newsletter to learn about my group offerings.

Community Design & Cultivation

I work with leaders, coaches, authors, and organizations to translate their work into online communities and workshops that are inviting, nourishing, and relational.

We’ll start by reviewing your body of work, audience, and gifts in order to create a welcoming and meaningful online network. Typically, we’ll use the “Mighty Networks” platform to offer ongoing posts and live sessions that connect with and engage your participants. We’ll create weekly rhythms and monthly themes that are well organized and beautifully presented. I’ll design and build out your network; then, depending on your needs, I can co-facilitate live sessions and create ongoing posts, or I can simply consult on a routine basis.

This is deep and intentional work that takes many hours of meeting, creation, design, and facilitation. I only work with people and groups who are building living culture and relationally responding to the needs of our times. Usually, I do profit sharing at around 50% for this type of work dependent on my ongoing level of engagement. If you’re interested in seeing my portfolio or talking more in-depth about building an online network of care, email me at

Rituals & Vigils

Ritual is any gesture done with intention and emotion. It allows us to express deeply and symbolically. It connects us to the Anima Mundi — the Soul of the world — and allows our psyches to integrate difficult material. Creating rituals requires the courage to be open and listen to something bigger than ourselves — listen to the land, our collective psyches, and our inner-visions. Working together, we can create ritual between the two of us or in a larger community.

To inquire about ritual or vigil creation/facilitation contact me at You can also check the schedule page to see when I am leading or helping with an open community grief ritual or vigil.