One-on-One Work

People work with me because they’re needing to grieve or grow (and, most often, both). In other words, I work with leaders, facilitators, and grievers.

I work with leaders who want to traverse the threshold into communal elderhood (regardless of age). I work with facilitators who want to embed soul and community into their offerings, weaving their work with love, a solid power analysis, and a collective-liberation lens. I work with all types of grief including Earth grief, grief over societal dysfunction and injustice, ambiguous grief, and personal loss. In mentoring, facilitation consultation, and grief work, I provide a loving base — ground — for us to explore what’s happening for you and how you’re being called to deepen. This looks different for different people and often includes somatic practices, Earth-rooted experiences, and calling in human and more-than-human support.

RIGHT NOW, MY ONE-ON-ONE PRACTICE IS FULL. Sign-up for my newsletter to hear about my other offerings.

Group Work & Collaborations

After my sister, Ivy, died in July 2019, I called together a group of my friends who witnessed my grief on an ongoing basis. It radically helped my grief process, deepened our friendships, and solidified my love for group work and community.

There’s so much power and healing in being witnessed and witnessing one another. Throughout the year I facilitate small witnessing groups (3-6 participants) for grief work, interspecies connection, and relationship building. I also hold space for people collaborating on projects (business partners, community groups, and organizational leaders) who want to build trust, accountability, and care into their work together. Join my newsletter list or check my schedule to see if there’s a group coming up. As well, if you have a small group or collaboration you’d like me to help facilitate, send me an email and we can dream something up together. Due to the pandemic, all my group work is currently online.

Community Building & Workshops

I’ve worked with groups both small and large (200+) to build a sense of emotional intimacy and belonging. When we’re willing to ask difficult questions and introduce practices that foster shared vulnerability, healthy community can be built. Essentially, I create brave space for grief and conflict to be expressed, challenging conversations to happen, and power to be restructured. This can be done as a one-time event, series of group gatherings, mediation process, or transformative justice process. I facilitate at conferences, with organizations, and in communities. Right now, due to the pandemic, all my work is online. 

*Check-out the Threshold community: an online, collapse-aware community co-hosted by Carmen Spagnola and me. 

Grief Rituals & Vigils

Ritual is any gesture done with intention and emotion, in order to connect us with our soul’s work. Ritual allows us to express our grief deeply and symbolically. Creating rituals requires the courage to be open and listen to something bigger than ourselves — listen to the land, our collective psyches, and our inner-visions. We will create ritual together, either between the two of us or in a larger community. You can also check the schedule page to see when I am leading or helping with an open community grief ritual or vigil. Right now, due to the pandemic, all the events I’m facilitating are online.