One-on-One Work

I work with all types of grief including Earth grief, grief over societal dysfunction and injustice, ambiguous grief, and personal loss. I provide a loving base — ground — for us to explore what’s happening for you. This looks different for different people and often includes mindfulness and somatic practices, as well as Earth-rooted experiences. We might sit across from each other and talk, cry, laugh, share photos, or just breathe. We might go for a hike, paint rocks, or be with animals together. We may create a ritual, either individually or in community. We’ll see what’s needed. We can do this work in person, over Skype, or a blend of the two.

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Mentoring Emerging Adults

I love working with people of all ages. I find emerging adults, often 16 to 32 years old, hold an incredible amount of wisdom, wisdom which is often marginalized. Many young adults deeply feel the grief and confusion of these transitional times — they feel like something is off. It’s hard to become an adult, form a mature and soul-full identity, when the needed ingredients for such a task are wildly unavailable. I mentor emerging adults who are waking up and stepping up. I help them find what it means to be wholly human and fully connected on a disconnected and transitioning planet. I help them show their souls. We can do this work in person, over Skype, and in groups.

Community Building & Workshops

We need community in order to be healthy. We need community to fully grieve. We’re wired for it — for the village. We feel the void when we aren’t connected to the people, beings, and nature around us. We all need to belong. I’ve worked with groups both small and large (two people to over 200 individuals), to build a sense of emotional intimacy and belonging. When we’re willing to ask difficult questions and introduce practices that foster shared vulnerability, healthy community can be built. Essentially, I create brave space for grief to be expressed, challenging conversations to happen, and power to be restructured. This can be done over the course of a weekend or longer, or through a series of workshops.

Grief Rituals

Ritual is any gesture done with intention and emotion, in order to connect us with our soul’s work. Ritual allows us to express our grief in symbols, with “a language older than words.” Creating rituals requires the courage to be open and listen to something bigger than ourselves — listen to the land, our collective psyches, and our inner-visions. We will create ritual together, either between the two of us or in a larger community. You can also check the schedule page to see when I am leading or helping with an open community grief ritual.