Emergent Space

Emergent spaces are arenas which recognize the destructive, unjust, and transitional times we are inhabiting, while honoring the interconnection between everyone and everything. There are specific, physical places where emergent space is being created. Examples include grief rituals, open justice forums, organic care farms, skill-share homes, resistance camps, eco-villages, and permaculture communities.

Emergent space has five main characteristics: 1) Honest recognition of the current destruction, injustice, and grief on the planet; 2) Recognition of the interconnection—inter-being—between everything; 3) Intimacy and inclusion of all our parts and feelings; 4) Intentionality in the creation of the space; and, 5) Nature-rich and sustainable practices in which all beings are honored members of the community.

Like an emergent property as defined in traditional science, the connection of each part (or being) involved creates something more significant, more complex, than the individuals would on their own. In other words, new and powerful patterns emerge as the collective is held. Most notably, individual and communal healing, or wholeness, occurs.

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