RAW Phases

Radical Attunement Work involves four “phases.” While each phase informs the next, the Work is rarely linear, and it’s ongoing. Explore each of the phases below:

Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement is the first phase in truly attuning. When we acknowledge sometimes we say, “Hey, this thing over here exists. I see it. I recognize it. It’s something.” During the acknowledgement phase we are simply noticing, thinking about, and possibly even speaking about something. This includes naming an experience or phenomenon, pointing something out, and gathering preliminary facts. The quintessential example of this phase is reading or watching the news.

Awareness: Awareness is the second phase involved in attuning. When we build awareness around something we start to truly explore it. We may ask questions like, “How do I learn more about this? What’s really happening for me and anyone else involved in this situation? How do I feel about this? What’s happening in my body as I experience this?” During the awareness phase we are diving deeper, slowing down, and checking in with ourselves and others (including non-human beings). This includes gathering more facts or thoroughly tracking a phenomenon, feeling into our bodies, co-creating ritual, and spending quality time with someone or something.

Activation: Activation is the third phase in fully attuning. When we are activated towards something we say, “What can I do to help? What does this person or place need? How do I protect my beloved? I am changing this by…” When we are activated we often say less and do more, we engage in activism. This includes direct action, donating money, resisting dominant culture, creating beauty, deeply listening (holding space for), and protecting people and places through speech, writing, and actions.

Ascension: Ascension is the fourth phase in fully attuning. We expand our sense of self to include whatever we have acknowledged, built awareness around, and activated towards. We may say things like, “This is my community. I am my watershed. We are intimately connected. This is a part of me. This is me. I am that.” During the ascension/expansion phase we are identifying as something bigger than our personal selves. This includes trusting a larger plan, letting go of what we think should happen, and recognizing the connection between all beings.