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Category: Poetry

Playing With Myself Touching, breathing Howling, reeling In pleasure and pain Undressing myself Caressing myself Losing track of time Trusting my body Rolling on the bed Tilting back my head Playing with myself Welcome back Holly

April 14, 2017

The Small Things my dog’s breath the fire’s crackle pen on paper     bees     rocks     tears all the big Things

March 29, 2017

Asked and Answered I ask: Do you ever think about me when I’m not around? You answer: All the time. All the time… I think about who you were—what it would’ve been like to hang out as kids, what you’ll be like in 20 years, what you’re thinking now. I think about the memories we’ll make, and the memories you already have. I want to see it all, > MORE

February 27, 2017

Soul Mates Souls don’t talk to each other like that     no words or sounds     let alone the yelling It’s more a conversation of silence Slowly moving, feeling, being together I feel you near me and I know my soul knows     this beautiful quality of silence

February 13, 2017

Re-Wild This freedom suits me  and my wild side  the wild inside  the wild outside  Everything is so uncertain and I can’t gulp it in quick enough I love the taste the sound of ever roaring silence